Shine Kids


Our Mission:


Shine Wellness Clinic is committed to improving the surrounding communities by partnering with local school districts. We have developed the Shine Kids program to assist local school districts by providing on-site clinical counseling & healthy socialization services. 


Shine Kids is a community-based program established to improve the social well-being of children and young adults within their schools and communities.  The program's primary objective is to partner with local school districts to provide individual counseling & clinical support groups for youth experiencing emotional distress and socialization difficulties.  

Our clinical counseling & group sessions are facilitated by one of our respectful and responsive therapists. Counseling offers a safe place for children to share their experiences and to explore ways to cope. We are skilled in implementing therapeutic interventions designed to help clients challenged by a range of circumstances including: trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, unanticipated life events, family discord and social environment issues. 

How Do Schools Benefit?


· The school district is able to provide an on-site service to their students that addresses the mental health and social issues present in all schools today.

· The school district is able to advertise their school district as being genuinely invested in the emotional and social well-being of their students.

· The Shine Kids concept is innovative.  Therefore, schools that invest in the program are at the very forefront of addressing the mental health & social needs of their students.  

· There is the possibility that student enrollment could increase as families in other districts or home-school families decide to enroll their child in a school that offers clinical counseling and other social behavior support services.

· There is the possibility that student disenrollment could decrease if students with mental health or social issues receive the support they need from their school district. 

· Shine Kids offers services to children with bullying behaviors or other social issues. Therefore, bullying behaviors and conflict may be reduced in the school system.

· Offering individual counseling and support groups to children with social behaviors provides a creative alternative to traditional consequences such as suspension, detention or expulsion.

We are currently in the process of creating school programs for the 2018/2019 school year. We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with your school and discuss our programming further. We will gladly come to your site for a brief meeting and presentation. We look forward to hearing from you!


Partner With Us Today!

Please contact us for more information to learn how your school can join the Shine Kids movement!