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Kimberly Hazel LMSW/ACSW, Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor


 Kim was educated at Central Michigan University (Bachelor of Arts  Degree) and  Wayne State University (Masters of Social  Work Degree).   She has been providing mental health therapy to children and youth and  families for over 25 years.  Although she works with all ages, she  specializes in a technique called Play Therapy which recognizes that  children express themselves in a different way than adults do and  therefore need a different approach to therapy.  Kim is a Registered  Play Therapist-Supervisor.  She is also providing workshops to other  professionals working with children and to parents who are looking to  grow/enhance their parenting tools.  See our website for additional  services provided by Kim such as Kids Wellness Camps and parenting  groups. 

Jerome Pijanowski LMT, Reiki Master, Herbal Medicine Cosultant


Jerome provides goal oriented therapeutic massage, using one or more techniques such as, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Chinese Massage, Acupressure, and Reiki to addresss client specific issues and achieve set goals. Jerome is also available for consultation on using medicinal herbs to help you in achieving your health goals. Jerome has worked to help relieve symptoms of MS, osteoarthritis, anxiety/depression and chronic pain.


 I have been suffering from an as yet undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder.  While I wait for conventional medicine to figure it out, I seek relief from my symptoms with massage provided by Jerome. His care relieves my severe muscle spasticity and I was surprised to learn that it also lifts the “brain fog” that accompanies my condition.     After a session with Jerome I feel much looser, more relaxed and clear headed. I know that he is thinking about my care even when I am not on the table.  He researches my condition and new techniques to enhance his treatments. He is a thinking, caring healthcare professional and massage therapist.

I am glad I found him.



_________________________________ Having been a Cosmetologist for over 26 years I continually had shoulder and neck issues.  I would occasionally go to the Chiropractor or have a massage for temporary relief but nothing for a duration of time to help me.   I found time be an issue for continual care and just couldn’t fit it in my schedule.   When I finally could no longer do hair anymore without pain I decided to take a leave.  During this time I was in contact with Jerome.  We had a consultation and made a plan of action to help relieve my pain.  He was very informative and told me directly that the issue wouldn’t be resolved in one or two sessions.   Jerome made it very convenient, as well, for me by making house visits once or twice a week for a few weeks, each visit bringing a little more relief until finally the majority of the pain was resolved!   Now I just refer to him for maintenance to keep the tension out and the muscles relaxed.   If it had not been for his concern for my progress and follow up visits I may not have had the healing I needed for so long.   

Thanks Jerome for being a caring LMT.   


I just had a massage with Jerome, he is  amazing!!!!!

I highly recommend this man to everyone!!!!       -C.D. 


 Thank you Jerome for the awesome massage!

I can move and function again 😁

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Alexa Jacob- Licensed Esthetician & Skin Consultant


Alexa is a fully licensed esthetician in the state of Michigan.  She provides an array of services including custom facials, body wraps, derma-rolling and eyelash extensions.  Call her today to schedule an amazing spa experience!